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Welcome to KASTRI restaurant, a family run business operating since 1978, aiming to introduce you to the real Greek hospitality. It was built by our grandmother, further developed by her son and today is directed by the new generation, the grandchildren. We are located right by the beach and we aim to offer you unique experiences of fine dining all day long. You can combine your swim & sunbathing in our beach loungers enjoying your breakfast and lunch or try our culinary creations for your evening dinner.

Breakfast Menu

Rhodian Breakfast 8,50€

Fresh bread from wood oven with butter, handmade marmelade ,topical honey,white cheese ,melakouni (traditional honey-nuts bar) & rhodian green tea.

Fresh traditional yoghurt4,50€

Accompanied with topical honey and figs dried.

Traditional rhodian pancakes4,50€

Rhodian fried pita with honey & sesame.


Fresh eggs with tomatos ,white cheese and wood oven bread

Bread slices cooked in eggs 5,50€

With honey or bacon and white cheese

White baguette4,50€

Turkey, cheese, tomato and olive oil dressing

Wholewheat baguette4,50€

Prosciutto, tomato, lettuce, mizithra (fresh cheese made with milk and whey from goats),pesto & balsamic dressing


Turkey&cheese tost accompanied with fried egg


Tomato, peppers, feta cheese accompanied with French toasted traditional bread & olive oil dressing

Poached eggs6,00€

With traditional fresh bread ,olive oil and green salad

Boilled eggs6,00€

With graviera cheese, olives, feta cheese, toasted traditional bread and dip of marmelade


With brown sugar and fruit salad

Brunch pancakes5,50€

Pancake with bacon, eggs and hot dog

Club sandwich pancakes6,00€

Club sandwich pancakes with smoked turkey, edam cheese, bacon ,fried eggs & salad

Home pancakes5,50€

Pancakes with maple syrup ,butter & bacon

Melinikon pancakes6,00€

Pancakes with soft white cheese, honey,walnuts & sesame


Greek coffee2,00€

Double Greek coffee2,50€



Frape with ice cream4,00€

Filter Coffee3,00€


Freddo Espresso2,50€


Freddo Cappuccino3,00€



Chocolate - Tea

Hot Chocolate3,00€

Tea with flavours2,50€

Tropical tea with honey & cinnamon2,50€

Tea of spearmint2,50€

Tea of rosemary 2,50€


Fresh orange juice4,00€

Mix juice3,00€

Apple juice3,00€
Kastri Restaurant

Our expert and friendly staff is always here to make your time special, whether playing with your children, or lighting up your candles, or opening your wine, and it’s always willing to run for every little thing you need. Here you get quality and value. Our reasonable prices is only a bonus for our legend in the industry. We hope you come as a customer and leave us a friend.

1 April - 30 October
07:30 - 11:30 Breakfast
11:30 - 00:30 Lunch & Dinner

Or Call us (+30) 22410 85381